2012 Summer Coat Trends

The summer season is a time to spend outdoors  eating ice cream or swimming in the pool or campfire by the beach. It puts us all in holiday mood hence summer ensemble is as essential as your pineapple juice in a barbecue marinade.

If you are going to update your wardrobe for summer, I kindly suggest to invest in a ladies coat. I recently visited Matalan, and oh they have beautiful range of spring and summer coats for ladies. From cropped to denim to bright blazer, there’s a range of style to choose for every budget.

Now don’t be intimidated by thinking you’ll be all too wrapped up. Knowing how to pick and wear the summer jacket is essential in fashion stakes. When everyone is baring their shoulders, you can be one fashion step ahead by covering them with the light jacket. Fashion after all is being different, being a standout from the crowd. You can wear summer jacket over your pair of bikini, you can wear light coat over your strapless maxi dress, you can opt to look mysterious during an unexpected summer date in a Carribbean island.

Here are some of the current stylish ladies summer coat:

Spring summer ladies coats and jackets from Matalan

1. Blazer

**Any decent fashionista owns a blazer – whether boyfriend style or shrunken style. They go well with cocktail shorts and a pair of wedge. If you choose to wear blazer though, make your inner shirt in bright color to keep the look fresh.

2. Bright Hues

**Whether a trench coat or  a parka or blazer, make a bold fashion statement and choose a summer coat in bright colors. Think apple green and mandarin orange.

3. Cropped Jacket

**The length means it provides warm but not for you to overheat. It’s a good piece to buy as they usually come in light fabric. To make this piece work for you 365 days, opt for something neutral.

4. Sleeveless Jacket

**They may seem unconventional and with a bit of an attitude to carry but these jackets keep your body warm. They come in leather, denim and jersey material. Sleeveless jackets are great to wear with tank tops, lightweight summer jerseys and even dressing down a lace dress.

5. Nautical

**This is a basic summer trend year after year. The standard nautical print is navy blue and white stripes. Sometimes they add a gold button or a red rope for accent. A lightweight nautical-styled jacket is wonderful when thrown over a dark summer dress or paired with long walking shorts or ladies trouser.

Fashion trends come and go but buying any of the above is a good investment as you ca wear them all though out the year.

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2 Responses to 2012 Summer Coat Trends

  1. Mirage says:

    I’d be needing that peach blazer some time soon!

  2. Tori says:

    Very appropriate blazers for the office! Thanks for the tips, heading to their site now…

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