Hi Vis Workwear Review

Hi vis workwear is seen in a variety of industries from cleaning to security and any more! But not every piece of hi vis workwear is the same, is it? It might look like there isn’t much difference between hi vis jackets or trousers but believe me there is.

But should you opt for a basic hi vis vest or splash out and get something a little more expensive? To help you work out what’s best below I’ve compiled some mini-reviews for some of the best hi vis workwear available today.

Yellow Hi Vis Vest – From The Safe Supply Company

This classic hi vis vest is sure to come in handy for a multitude of different jobs and thanks to its budget price tag you can keep costs down without sacrificing quality. However, while this hi vis vest will certainly still keep you visible and safe it is designed to be semi-disposable which means it will have a more limited lifespan.

Two-Tone Hi Vis – From Hivis

This is more expensive but undoubtedly more luxurious counterpart to the first hi vis vest I looked at. It comes with a higher price but packs plenty of extra features including an ID pocket, a zip-up fastening, extra front storage pockets, a mobile phone pocket, and deeper armholes. The two-tone colour design is also more eye-catching and stylish as well.

Hi Vis GORT Trousers – From Exclusive Brand  

Hi vis clothing is usually always thought to be jackets or vests but trousers are just as important and ensure extra protection while at work. These hi vis trousers are a great example of some of the more budget-friendly options available made from polyester and cotton these hi vis trousers are comfortable and offer plenty of storage thanks to the variety of pockets. The reflective tape at the bottom offers some additional illumination as well.  

Helly Hansen Women’s Hi Vis Trousers – From Helly Hansen

Hi vis workwear is something that is unfortunately heavily connected to men but there are a lot of women out there working in jobs that require them to wear hi vis clothing. These smart hi vis trousers have been designed with women in mind and they offer a better fit, reinforced knee padding, extra reflective bands and thick padded pockets for all the storage you could need.

Hi Vis Two-Tone Joggers – From CPC

These slightly more unorthodox hi vis trousers will certainly do the job! With a fleece lining these joggers will be handy for people working outdoors in harsher elements, they also have reinforced knee padding, an elasticated waist, an extra mobile phone pocket, and an adjustable drawcord waist.

Orn Condor Hi Vis Band Trousers – From Workwear Express

These hi vis trousers certainly get style points! In fact, if it wasn’t for the reflective strips on the cuffs you could be forgiven for thinking they are just a pair of regular smart trousers. But let’s not get hung up on fashion what else do these trousers offer. They have a reasonable price and feature an elasticated waist, multiple pockets, and even come with an internal kneepad. They’re a great choice for people looking for some hi vis workwear that is a bit more stylish and minimal.

Yoko Hi Vis Fleece Lined Jacket – From Yoko

Hi vis jackets don’t have to be big and bulky there are more form-fitting and stylish options available as this jacket shows. Available in a wide-range of colours and with a fixed fleece lining this smart and stylish jacket will be sure to keep you comfortable while you’re at work. Additional reflective bands give the jacket even more visibility and it comes with all the pockets you could need as well as additional hand warmer pouches, a straight up collar and even a chin protector.

Pilot Style Hi Vis Bomber Jacket – From The Safe Supply Company

This is your budget-friendly hi vis jacket but while it might not be quite as stylish or formfitting as some variants it still offers increased visibility and plenty of protection from the elements. Features include a heavy duty zip, additional reflective tape, and knitted collars and cuffs. It might be a little more basic compared to some jackets but it still does the job.

Portwest Hi Vis Gloves – From Portwest

Hi vis clothing isn’t just limited to just trousers, jackets, and vests! These smart hi vis gloves from Portwest are perfect for giving yourself a little extra touch of protection and visibility while you’re at work. They also offer a good strong grip and can be used in a variety of different weather conditions without issue. One other innovative feature is the open-back design for increased breathability.

So, that’s a look at some of the best hi vis workwear available, whatever field you work in hi vis clothing is very important and there is such a lot to choose from. But with these reviews, you’ll have a great starting point to work from.