4 Desks of the Rich and Famous

Chances are we’ve all worked in an office at one time or another. Did you know the word ‘desk’ comes from the Latin ‘desca’, which means ‘table to write on.’?

So, there are desks. And then there are desks. If you’ve got the money and the ingenuity, your work space doesn’t have to be a bland piece of functional equipment. It could be so much more. Here are 4 well known people who added a little personality to their desks and offices….

Craig Newmark

The founder of the world famous website ‘Craigslist’ has a very simple and elegant setup; a curved wooden desk with a single phone and computer monitor. This showcases a modern viewpoint of having everything online, as opposed to the traditional paper-filing system.

Charles Dickens


The influential British writer wrote Great Expectations on this solid slab of wood, although even Dickens couldn’t expect the hefty fee it sold for. £430,000 pounds! Simple, with a classical design, it evokes the style of Dickens’ writing immensely.

Yves Saint Laurent

You might expect this acclaimed fashion designer to have an extravagant style desk. Alas, Laurent had a simple trestle table to design his most famous pieces. The trestle comes from ancient Roman times and this only indicates his commitment to simple, straight lines and a chic elegance.

Damon Lindelof

The creator of hit TV show Lost and producer of Hollywood blockbusters such as Star Trek and Prometheus often looks to the future in his work. Which is strange, since his desk and office are so classic in style. Dark, panelled wood covering with tasteful leather chairs and mixed with a spattering of modern technological flourishes.

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