4 Ways To Attract and Keep Shoppers In Your Store

For a couple of years now, we live a 30-minute walk to  sprawling shopping complex. I drop by two to three times a week for about two or three hours each visit. The window shopping trips has taught me a lot about brands and retail strategy that I am no longer scrambling the moment I see Further Reductions emblazoned on a store’s display window. It has also made me a better consumer and stopped me from visiting thrift shops or flea markets.

Needless to say, I have defined what I want from high street, from the signatures, from the independent fashion houses, and from the beauty bay. So what brought about this preference? What enticed me to keep coming back to them? I found that these stores make an effort on shopper engagement. Once I enter their store, they go to extra lengths to make me stay just a little bit longer.

I list down a few of my observations:

1. I am bound to revisit a store with a most unique and ever changing window display. Yes signatures houses like Louis Vuitton or high end department stores such as Harvey Nichols  will make a display window that lasts for a season. And the fun is provided by the high street. From Diesel tyres to New Look’s spring wardrobe displayed on Victorian inspired furniture, high street appeals in between when the interest on signature brands wanes off.

2. I learn from my store visits. Either as simple as proper application of They’re Real Benefit Mascara or how to tie the scarf, or to more complex such as piano or guitar lessons or even on how to set your lunch table for summer and wine pairing or olive oil and vinegar pairing. I love watching and learning from store demonstrations.

3. Efficient customer service. They are friendly and knowledgeable and have  a lot of patience. They are especially helpful when I wish to exchange an item. They take time to call other branch if the size or color or model I am looking for  is available. They go extra length as to explain how to care properly for the new gadget I bought.

4. Coupons and discounts. Who does not like them? Especially when it took time for you to reach the till. I love a surprise discount at the cash register or a gift voucher I can redeem on my next visit. Who does not want to come back?

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