5 Advantages Of Holiday Car Rental

Most of the time, people ask us how we manage to move around so much during holidays abroad when we have hyperactive little boy in tow. Truth is we learned our lesson from our very first holiday to Rome. We relied heavily on hotel transportation and local taxi service and we noticed we wasted too much time waiting for the vehicle to arrive. Even if we wake up early to be ahead on the queue for Vatican Museum entrance, we were still at the mercy of the driver if they will ever be punctual to pick us. And then at the end of the day, when we would have wanted to stay a little longer at Trevi Fountain, we have to move on because the driver has arrived to bring us back to the hotel.

The rigid arrangement didn’t do well with us so when we went to Paris, my husband informed ahead we will only embark on the holiday when we can have a car at our disposal. I searched online and was thoroughly surprised there were plenty of companies offering holiday car rental.

I booked one at holidayautos.co.uk and needless to say, our French holiday was most relaxing yet we were able to visit plenty of tourist attractions on such a short time. If you are still hesitant to avail leisure car hire, let me point out some advantages:

1. You can travel at your own pace – no train or bus schedules to beat.

2. You can bring as many luggage as you wish.

3. You can save money in the long run. Car rental is not as expensive as you think.

4. You can visit as many places as you wish – country side, far flung areas – and you won’t get lost because most if not all car for hire are equipped with GPS.

5. You can go shopping as much as you wish while on a holiday because you have a car at your disposal to load shopping bags back to your hotel or lodging.


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