5 Famous Steel Building Landmarks

Today I received a beautiful panoramic postcard of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. This absolutely made my day because I love collecting architecture cards. In fact I am currently completing my collection on steel building landmarks.

Right now I have three on my collection of steel buildings including  Eiffel Tower; Basilica San Sebastian – the only steel church in Asia; and Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia.

The other famous steel buildings I wish to receive are (and some are coming my way now, thank you to generous swappers):

Walt Disney Concert Hall, USA

1. Walt Disney Concert Hall, USA. This is the fourth hall of the Los Angeles Music Center, opened in October 2003. The buildings’ one of a kind style was the design of Frank Gehry, one of the most influential architects of our times. Apart from its unforgettable exterior look, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is also praised for its acoustics, considered to be one of the best in the whole world.

2. Tatara Bridge, Japan. Completed in April 1999, it was the world’s longest cable stayed bridge. The Y-shaped towers are made out of steel, as well as the suspended girders. The bridge has a total length of 1,480 meters and it carries two lanes of traffic in each direction, lanes for bikes, motor bikes and pedestrians.

3. Tyne Bridge, Newcastle, UK. A through arch bridge that connects Newcastle upon Tyne with Gateshead. The bridge, one of Newcastle’s landmarks, was opened in October 1928 by King Geroge V and is still usable to this day. Moreover, the bridge is the tenth tallest structure of the city, reaching 59 meters (193 feet) above the ground level.

4. Gateway Arch, St. Louis, USA. Known as The Gate to the West is a massive monument in the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis. It is 192 meters (630 feet) wide at the base and reaches a height of 192 meters (630 feet). This is the tallest monument ever made in the United States and the tallest habitable structure in Missouri.

5. The New York Times Building, New York City. This is the headquarters of the New York Times Company, the publishing house for The New York Time, The Boston Globe and the International Herald Tribune. It’s a relatively new sight on the skyline of Manhattan, since the 52-story skyscraper was completed in 2007. The height from street to roof is 228 meters (748 feet), while the exterior decorative steel wall rises up to 256 meters (840 feet).

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