5 Hottest Prom Dress Trends for 2015

Prom is arguably one of the events most looked forward to by teens. Thus as early as now, mothers and daughters are browsing online for fabulous prom dresses inspirations. I know all these because out neighbors are going through the same dilemma and I am privy to all the teen tears and drama. So to avoid further stress in achieving your dream prom event, I share with you the list of trends that are sure to be  a hit in 2015.

1. Embellished

They look amazing under the lights on the dance floor! Metallic dresses, fringe, feathery frills, crystals, will take a long or  a short dress to immediate glamorous appeal.

2. Midis

There was a time when either we can go long or short. Fashion fate understood too well we both want those length statements and brought in the midis. With calf length styles (also known as tea-length), shoe lovers also adore this trend to maximise their new pairs of butter-hot footwear!

3. Printed

Totally unexpected and perfect for the rebel sweetheart. Choose a long style with smaller, dainty prints so it can turn to princessy and fashionably forward.

4. White

Be a vision in ivory.  It is classic and has timeless appeal. You can accessorize to your hearts content too! Wear your hair up or down, this prom trend dress is flexible and you can’t go wrong with a white dress anytime.

5. Romantic Fairy Tale

This is your night, your party and you can be the heroine in the most romantic, billowy, frilly ball gown. Because why not? Once you decide which color – baby pink, powder blue, or lavender, go easy on make-up and accessories. Basically, this trend is all about the clothes giving the overall look very easy to pull and requires minimal effort.

 All above prom dresses can be found at PromTimes.co.uk. I discovered the amazing site early this year when I ordered champagne cocktail dress for a wedding and oh wow, it arrived in the exact color I dreamed it to be! I recommended the very same site to our friends and neighbors and their darlign daughters are brwosing through all day long!


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