5 Reasons to Own a Clutch Bag

Lately, I have been parading around the town with my Jimmy Choo clutch bag. I can’t help but feel so regal and ladylike whenever my palm and fingers wrap them. There’s something quiet royal about clutching your few precious things in one palm – otherwise the Duchess of Cambridge won’t be  a huge fan of this handbag style. If you have not explored this option of carrying your bag, maybe the following things I learned might just sway you.

1. You get an instant style change. Even if you are wearing that little black dress ( or the little white dress for summer) for the nth time, accessorizing with an evening clutch makes you carry your dress differently starting with your body expression.

2. You give rest to your neck and shoulders. I love my nude satchel and still do carry my DSLR around but when I still need to go out at the end of the day, my savior is an evening clutch.

3. It keeps you more organized and look less fussy. You can only fit so much with your clutch bag. What are the most important things? IPhone, lipstick, a handkerchief, and car keys.

4. It looks minimal and yet can speak so much about your style. A clutch maybe tiny without strap but carrying a bejeweled clutch, envelope style, or snake skin — one look at it still speaks a thousand words about the bearer.

5. Your over-all look is more fresh, modern and polished. No longer are your both hands and arms free and flailing around giving you a demure and grown up body language.

Have you tried this style of handbag? Do you find it as appealing as much as I do? Do you have any particular style – rectangular, envelope, or  embellished? Or you simply cannot live without your over-sized arm candy? Share us!



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  1. Be sure to add a colour pop finish to your little black dress with a coloured clutch and add statement chandelier earrings to tie up the look.

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