5 Tips On How To Dress For A Wedding

So you are not the bride and you are not one of the bridesmaids either. Cheer up because you can be the best-dressed guest if you read on. I recently had the same dilemma with R’s wedding so here’s what I learned from reading online. And If you happen to be a bride this year, you may want to pass this on to your wedding guests. Kidding. Not.

1. Never wear white to a wedding or a dark color. Remember you are attending a very special celebration. Try something pastel and light and dainty. If you like to wear print, choose flowers or butterflies. Prints that suggest romance and happiness.

2. If you have intuition that you will be attending numerous weddings for the next two years, invest in a dress suit. Keep a fresh look by making your dress shorter than your coat. And no matter what, do not wear the staple wedding accessory pashmina. They are so last season. Instead, wear an oversize blazer or your husband’s dinner jacket. That is a lot smarter.

3. Your dress must allow you to sit. And dance. Your shoes must allow you to walk, stand, and dance. Try them both on. Practice walking, sitting, practice jive.

4. If nothing works for you, revisit your Mom and Grandma’s closet. 1960’s fashion statements works well in the most stylish weddings.

5. Make-up should be more than what you put on at work. Use a good make-up base to keep them in place. You wish to look lovely in all photographs that will be revisited every year for the next 60 years. Apply more… then restrain yourself. It’s a wedding — not a night club.

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