5 Tips To Choose The Best Hair Dryer

Like any grown up woman, I have come to love a blow dry. But I never thought of buying my own due to budget constraint. Instead I take advantage of salon offers when I ask for trim. A couple of times, they had offered to blow dry and style my hair for free in hope that they get me to spill what hair coloring, brand, and which salon does my highlights.

To their surprise and of course disappointment, my hair has never gone any coloring. In fact, it is precisely what hindered me to grow it long. My teen years in 90’s all demand for shiny, jet black hair. And I have this dreaded brown streaks. I only appreciated my hair when I landed in Dubai seeing women spend so much for hair colour.

Oh I am moving further from my topic. Anyway, we had a gift voucher to spend at a huge electronics store. Hubby insisted I use it to get a decent hair dryer and drove off. He has to do errand at a hardware store for some industrial bench . He will probably spend the whole day there talking to staff about new construction materials so I took my time chatting with staff and learning how to choose the best hair dryer.

There were so many to choose from, I got dizzy. But after listening to the EMax staff, I settled for Philips SalonDry Control. I share with you some of the basic criteria:

1. Wattage: The higher the number, the more powerful the heat and airflow will be. You need to get at least 1800 watts to prevent friz. And, if your hair is thick and long like I do, you may want to go as high as 2000W.

2. Weight: Some dryers can be heavy and cause your arm to tire before your hair’s dry. They recommend using one that weighs less than 2 lbs.

3. Variable Speeds/Heat Control: It’s important to be able to control the amount and temperature of the airflow. And, having a “cool shot” button comes in handy to help “lock” hair into place.

4. Attachments: If you’re going to blow-dry your hair straight, you definitely want a nozzle attachment.

5. Ceramic/Tourmaline Technology: This is not just hype. Ceramic heaters emit stronger heat, helping to get your hair straighter faster, and the negative ion-emitting crystals in tourmaline promote shine and smoothness.

At $25, Philips 2000W Salon Dry Control was a good deal for home use. Hotels always provide hair dryer anyway so i don’t need to bring one with me during travel. Philips Salon Dry Control is light despite its bulky built and has variable speed and heat control including nozzle concentrator for easy styling. It does serve me well. Armed with huge round brush and heat-defense styling serum, I only need 10 minutes and my waist-long hair is 80% dry.

How about you? What hair dryer brand have you tested? What are the pros and cons? What brand of heat-defense do you use? Do share with us!

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