5 Tips To Make Your Space Seem Bigger and Fashionable

We fashion devotees hoard everything beautiful: clothes, accessories, art collection, anything we see (and feel) vintage. Have you seen inside Agyness Deyns’ apartment? The public had a glimpse of the Supermodel’s idea of home when she recently put up her apartment for sale. It was huge and charmingly cluttered. Vintage pieces were everywhere: there was no theme, no continuity — one side of the room clashed with the other and yet one only leaves to say it is indeed a beautiful personal space.

Clutter is one thing we fashion fans know too well. Today I share with you some tips on how to make your space seem bigger and hence a fashionable extension of your personality.

1. Stick to light and neutral colors. For a trendy effect, work with monochromatic palette. Pick one color for your wall paint and then make your curtain and other furnishings in a different shade.

2. Instead of buying several small chairs and stools, choose traditional sofas which can allow to seat three or four people. This one-piece sofa, whether corner or placed in the middle will be your living rooms focal point. Then you can bring in your vintage armchair.

3. Bring your largest mirror to the living room. Not only will it delight your fashion queen friends who can check how they look from time to time but they increase the amount of light making your home brighter. Place the mirror opposite your rooms largest window to redistribute light all over the room.

4. Choose other home furnishings with clean lines. Mount your television. And if possible, choose your vases in transparent materials such as glass or acrylic.

5. Use fitted blinds or panels for your windows. If you must use a curtain, choose a gauzy material such as linen to allow soft light to enter the room.

With adjustment and smart purchases, you can never feel too boxed up in your space no matter how small it is.


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2 Responses to 5 Tips To Make Your Space Seem Bigger and Fashionable

  1. I love the mirror idea… more than checking often how you look, it really gives that big space illusion…
    thanks for the tips.. was here 🙂

  2. ladiesoda says:

    mirrors always brings magic to small areas. A personalized furniture will also help, that way you can have your own measurement that fits just right to your place.

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