5 Types of Quinceanera Gowns

The 15th birthday of a Hispanic girl is among the highlight of her life. She gets to celebrate it in a real grand manner with a bash called Quinceanera. The celebrant is expected to wear a formal dress and must be among the highlight of the birthday bash.

If you are looking for some style inspiration for your birthday girl, here are some styles of Quinceanera gowns to get you started planning.

1. The Mermaid Gown. Also popularly known as the trumpet, this style highlights the woman’s curves. It wraps and follows the curve of the body from chest to knee and finishes off with a flare at the hem. Anybody comfortable to show off her figure will find this style of gown just perfect.

2. The Princess Ball Gown. This is the traditional style of a Quinceanera gown. It has  slim bodice and a full blown skirt that reaches to the floor. It compliments all kinds of figures. And as long as you choose what color is best for your skin tone, this type of formal dress is the ultimate for a birthday celebration.

3. The Drop-Waist Gown. This elegant style almost is similar to the mermaid gown only that the waist line is dropped on the hips. Girls with petite frame should stay away from this style and best suits those tall and lanky figures.

4. The Empire Gown. A celebrant who wishes to add a touch of vintage glamour to her dress can opt for this style. It is gathered just below the bust and flares down to the floor. Quinceaneras with large bust can benefit for the support and also an ideal style for those wanting to minimize their midsection.

5. The Column Gown. A simple yet sophisticated style, the column gown silhouettes you from chest to your ankle. It elongates the frame creating an illusion that the wearer is taller than she seems to be.

 You can shop Quinceanera dresses at DressProm.net where all the gowns above can be found. You don’t have to choose the most expensive but rather the one that compliments your body type best. One that makes you feel confident and comfortable wearing for this is the only way you can stand out from your Quinceanera celebration.

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