5 Ways To A Trendy Home For The Holidays

The most wonderful time of the year is coming!

What are your plans for the holidays? Perhaps most, if not all, will be spending time with their loved one, families, relatives, and bosom friends. Ladies of the house must be very busy as early as now planning for some impressive home decor and Christmas menu. I know too well it can be quiet stressful since it’s been a family tradition to host Christmas Eve dinner or New Year’s Eve. So just to make things a bit easier for the home of the fashion conscious, I share with you some pointers to make your home fashion forward. As you might have heard a zillion times, your wardrobe and personality should reflect in your home so there is no point neglecting your place, your apartment, or your house.

1. Make your outdoor and indoor decor in sync. Plan ahead with your theme yet keep in mind the over-all look of your house. Is it contemporary or country style? Whichever, start with your front door. Add topiaries with soft glow lights to brighten the doorway at night and hang a wreath of silver bells with glossy ribbon for the modern look. Use baubles in natural colors and make a square wreath instead of the traditional circle to make your country house a little more interesting.

2. Don’t get carried away with the festive season and over-decorate your home. Avoid wreaths on every window or colored lights  outlining the roof. Too much decoration can make your home look cheap. Instead, work on your yard with a pair of reindeer (instead of your snowman for a change). It is what your guests will see first and will create a lasting impression. Make a festive centerpiece on your dinner table, get hand wash in winter candy apple scent or vanilla bean noel for each of your bath room but leave the windows to breath.

3. If you are still clueless, the easiest is to buy a red sofa. It is the perfect way to do up your home and probably inexpensive too because you don’t have to buy so much festive decorations. Check out this red-hot number offered by fashionforhome.co.uk

A red Camden sofa gets your home for  holiday mood!

4. Balance everything. If you have holiday decorated cushions on your fashionable 2 seater sofas, make sure the comfortable grandfather chair on the other side will look fairly equal on the eyes by hanging wall decorations behind it or by putting a menorah on top of an end table beside it. If you have double front doors, place Christmas wreaths on both of them.

5. Make everything easy on the eyes and carry your theme from room to room. It makes for a complete statement. Work on two colors – silver and blue, green and gold, or red and yellow. It makes a for a complete statement and makes shopping decoration a lot easier.

If you are not sure what designs and decors match, try to buy all your decors from only one supplier – or at least from only one crafts store or boutique. Read magazines on interior designs for some holiday inspiration or if your budget allows, do consult a real stylist or decorator.


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4 Responses to 5 Ways To A Trendy Home For The Holidays

  1. The simpler and minimalist, the better. 🙂

  2. zoan says:

    You have the perfect ideas for the holiday season. I am not good in decorating and color combination but somehow I can manage to do-it-myself because I cannot afford to hire people who are good at it. ehehe But reading this post, it sure helps:)

  3. Ane says:

    It’s times like these when I am thankful for Mothers in law.. 😀 I don’t have to lift a finger because she basically does the decorating for me.. 😀 But thanks to this post, when the time comes that I own a house, I will know how to decorate accordingly.. 😀

  4. Rumah Dijual says:

    wow very beautiful sofas, ideal for Christmas

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