7 Tips For Lingerie Shopping

“If you are wearing lingerie that makes you feel glamorous,

you are halfway there to turning heads.”

~Elle Macpherson, Australian businesswoman, supermodel, actress.

I have always been partial to lingerie for as long as I can remember. Truth is I don’t own a set of pajama and that is why my Husband don’t ever trust me to go to a slumber party lol! I love waking up in the morning clad in silk and lace – in a glorious lingerie. It think it is the most glamorous way ever to start the day.

Intimates or lingerie plays a huge part in how you carry your self. If you wish to be confident dressing the part, start with a bra and underwear which makes you feel such. And you only get this confidence if you know you are wearing lingerie which provides support, enhances your curves, and yet they are the most comfortable next to your skin.

I share with you today tips and tricks I learned while shopping for my favorites.

1. If you are infrequent lingerie shopper, at least make it a point to visit one specialized lingerie boutique. You’ll be amazed how they treat customers – complete with tea and decadent pastries. You even get a complimentary consultation where they can suggest which lingerie suits your lifestyle better. But most of all, you get to learn how to take batter care of your purchase.

2. Know you correct bra size and get fitted at least every six months. Our body continuously changes and wearing the correct size will give you a better support to create  a leaner frame. But most of all, a correct bra size creates a smooth silhouette which makes for an overall polished look.

3. Lingerie shopping is an indulgence so make sure you are in your better self. Even if your intention is to buy cheap bras and knickers for work and everyday wear, you must set aside a special day for it. Put on make up, wear mascara, eat something light for you to better appreciate your shopping trip. Think like you are invited for a high tea in some swanky hotel.

4. When buying on special occasion such as Valentine’s Day, call ahead your favorite lingerie store if their season edition has arrived. This way, they can prepare and pre-select items for you to try on.

A brand that I always turn to for special days such as anniversaries and holiday travel is called My Curves & Me (see photo above). Whether you fancy to be on trend or opt for the classic styles, their lingerie always provide elegance yet comfortable fit. I can’t get enough of the Masquerade line with their gorgeous silk basque! I even bought a luxurious Italian satin waspie (waist cincher) for my June-bride friend as wedding gift.

5. Do the scoop and adjust technique when trying on bras. This is to make sure the breasts are centered and that the bra fits properly.

6. Wear a nude low rise thong for your shopping trip. This way, you can try on underwear, see how it looks without anything underneath and yet you keep a proper hygiene.

7. Do not be afraid to try new fabric, new colors and new style. It may even be nice to have a sip of champagne first before you set out for a lingerie shopping. This puts you in a daring mood to get our of your comfort zone. Corset and garter, anyone?

To make your favorite lingerie pieces last longer, have a separate set for day and night time. Keep your fragile laces for sleep and your cotton pieces for day and work time.

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5 Responses to 7 Tips For Lingerie Shopping

  1. Herbert says:

    Thanks for this one. I can now shop for a lingerie for my wife without her going along with me.

  2. jo-ann says:

    I always love lingerie because it makes me feel comfortable knowing I have ternos under my clothes.

  3. Franc Ramon says:

    Great tips! i will be sharing this to my lady friends.

  4. Maricel says:

    I agree that choosing the correct lingerie adds to a woman’s confidence level. In my opinion, nothing beats knowing that you got the right support while feeling comfortable. I chuckled at the your husband and the slumber party. Men!

  5. Pepper Tan says:

    I’ve always done my lingerie shopping online. I think it’s time I did the actual shopping in a store. I can imagine how fun it would be to try out different styles of lingerie. Great tip on the low rise, nude thong!

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