7 Tips For Surviving Family Road Trips

Summer vacation often involves road trips. We all get excited packing and loading the SUV and just being thankful your bought whispbar roof racks .

Four years of doing this adventure, I share with you how we survived:

1. Go when it’s bed time for kids. Yes, I am one of those Mommies who pack their kid on the car in checkered pajamas and neck pillow.

2. Bring lots of entertainment (and I don’t mean DVD). Pack falshcards, coloring books, board books, drawing pads, and load your iPiod with nursery rhymes or songs for children.

3. And lots of healthy, fun foods too.

4. Bring the potty. Most especially when you are traveling an entirely new road. you will never know when call of nature occurs and the next diner or gas station is  still kilometres away.

5. Don’t forget the first aid kit. And loads of wet ones and paper towels for clean up.

6. Rest if you must and let the kids stretch their legs too. Let them run around for a couple of minutes before driving off again.

7. Bring your adventurous spirit. There will be bumps along the road but photos of your road trip makes for a family treasure.

With a little careful planning, road trips can be very, very rewarding for the whole family.

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