7 Ways To Protect Your Laptop While Traveling

Bangkok hotel reservation confirmed!

I breathe a sigh of relief. It is peak season and I feel so fortunate to get one bedroom suite at such a short notice. Not only that, exclusive members also receive complimentary WiFi all throughout our stay! This means I can also do some work while watching my boys enjoy the swimming pool. Our July summer holiday is going to be our longest vacation – three weeks. Hence, both Hubby and I will need to be online from time to time and check on any urgent mails from clients.

Whether business or pleasure trip, we always bring one technology with us. And most often, this technology is in the form of our personal computer or laptop. It contains presentations, documents, and other important files such as e-copies of passport, visa, and plane tickets. This makes us vulnerable to cybercriminals. I read last week on Forbes magazine that a recent FBI report states cybercriminals are now using pop-up alerts delivered over hotel WiFi to infect computers with malware. This is the last thing we need to ruin our much needed rest and relaxation so I share some tips on how to keep your laptop safe while on the go.

1. Research on what internet security is best for your laptop program. If you do not have  time to do this, simply install antivirus software such as Norton Internet Security.

2. Backup your data before you leave home. This way, you won’t lose everything should your computer get stolen or get infected with a virus.

3. Never update software while on hotel WiFi. This update can allow cybercriminals to install malware that monitors everything you do on your computer such as intercepting passwords to email and financial institutions.

4. Use strong, creative passwords. Use passwords with several letters and numbers and do not use any type of common name. Place passwords on all important files and documents that you do not want any individual to touch.

5. If you can avoid it, do not use internet banking while on a WiFi or any public computer.

6. Get a quality bag  or backpack to store your computer. Choose one with extensive padding and even a waterproof bag will do great benefit. Bumps or falls can create damage to your hardware so prepare for it.

7. Keep your computer locked up. Or keep it close by to you at all times. Do not check your laptop in as luggage on an airplane. You not only face the possibility of it getting lost, but it also puts your computer out in the open for any individual to take. If the hotel room has a safe, keep your laptop in it.

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  1. Joeyboy says:

    Straight forward and helpful tips, I think these are timely information as I am planning to travel soon. 🙂 Glad to see this post. 🙂

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