A French Interlude

Caught yet again in another last song syndrome.

I can’t stop listening to Muse’s I Belong To You. I especially love the middle section where it is sung in French then climax to clarinets section. Muse is an English rock band hence I am not so familiar with their songs. But I first heard the single while we cruising the River Seine. The European teen sweethearts standing beside us on the back of boat plays it softly from their IPad. It sounded like a passionate slow rock then the rhythm slowly changes to opera and vocals change to an entire new language.

Then I heard it again last week while on a lunch date at Left Bank. I just had to ask the staff what song was playing and the artist and consequently what the little French part means haha.

“reponds a ma tendresse”= respond to my tenderness

“verse-moi l’ivresse”= pour me drunkeness

Better watch the video and the sing along with the lyrics to know why I am going gaga over and over again.



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