Advantages of Holidays and Travels By Train

A few days ago, I received a beautiful postcard from Switzerland showing Bernina Express passing through the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rhaetian Railway. It reminded me of our holiday back in 2010 where we chose to take the high-speed train, Eurostar to visit the glorious Italian cities. It may have cost us time — especially on our trip to Venice where it took us about five hours from Rome. But the whole family enjoyed every minute of it (including the chaos on the platform) and the scenery was simply breathtaking.

Being on Steam Train Holidays and incorporating rail on your travel is gaining more and more popularity these days. Reasons include:

1. Minimize carbon footprint. Railway journeys has been hailed as one of the most environmentally responsible way of travel.

2. You travel in safety. There are people afraid of flying, and cruising, and would you dare to drive? Train journeys does not come with jet lag or bumpy ride. If you book ahead, you even get free snacks or you are even upgraded to the first class carriage.

3. Convenience and comfort. I breathed a sigh of relief when I learned we will be seeing Florence, Venice, and Milan without going through airport security with a toddler. We had comfortable seats and enough legroom to stretch. We even had a table for laptop (and for coloring and playdough) and free Wifi too! Alternatively, if you travel by night from one country to another, there are trains with sleeping compartments which provide ample privacy and facility. Some even also offer free breakfast.

4. You get stunning views. After seeing one glorious city, you hop on the train for another place to visit. In between, you get to relish breathtaking views which ultimately becomes part of your holiday too! You get a glimpse of the countryside, the vineyards, the culture of the people, you witness their everyday life.

5. Rail way journeys get you to far-flung, exotic destinations. Places impossible to drive, rocky mountains, and wilderness in Asia, Europe, and America can be seen through your journey on classic rail tours. Simply choose on any of the epic rail journeys of the world which include Treyn, Orient Express, and Rocky Mountaineer.

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7 Responses to Advantages of Holidays and Travels By Train

  1. Janet Speaks says:

    I love traveling on a train. Everytime I go to Thailand, I take the train using the sleeping berth. 😛

  2. I dream to travel by train. So far I’ve only journeyed by airplane and cruise ship. Must be really exciting!

  3. Lizzie says:

    I never thought rail travel could be that beneficial! Hope everyone will go for it at some point in their travels to help the environment.

  4. Mommy Pehpot says:

    the only train that I have been too is the MRT and the LRT! I know, I am such a loser hahah but in time I will try PNR and rail my way to Bicol.

    by the way the photo you have there is breathtaking!

  5. Trains are really very safe…And we can enjoy a lot by traveling in a train. We can enjoy the beautiful sightseeing…

  6. Great post.Yes, So true some people are scared of traveling in planes including me and trains are best option for them. And you can also enjoy beautiful scenes in your whole trip from window.

  7. That’s true traveling in trains is more exciting as we can enjoy beautiful site scenes and traveling in trains will be more comfortable for your family . Similarly it is also important to check the comfort and facilities offered in hotel to make your holidays best.

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