Android Beckons: Time To Switch Phones

There are instances that calls to be fashionably late. But not for a school bus. Ever. It is an embarrassment for any parent. It a reflects how organized (or disorganized) your household is.

Today, we almost missed Little C’s school bus. They were trying to ring my Blackberry but was unreachable. All I thought, they were late because of a new student or because of the thick fog that has blanketed the city to almost zero visibility. Good thing, one of the nanny recognize my son’s school bus she informed us on the hallway. It is so very cold at 7 o’clock in the morning I do not wish to go down the street unless the school bus is there readily awaiting. Hence we always wait for them to ring first.

Again, I quickly mumbled a mortified apology to the driver and to the bus attendant for making them wait a few good minutes. My phone again has no signal. Yes, this isn’t the first time it happened and is utterly unfair it should happen again. After all, my Blackberry Curve’s five-year-old battery is also demanding replacement. It can no longer withstand to switch on for 24 hours.

I am still maintaining my iPhone 4S but I use it mainly for work. I am thankful to find cheap mobile phones online allowing me to keep two handsets with different networks. It makes my life a whole lot easier – and simpler.

After years of iPhone and Blackberry, we now move the competition to iPhone and Android. Maybe once and for all, it’s time to know personally which operating system is better. Plus, I see how my friends easily access Google (and Google Voice app is absolutely adorable!), endlessly personalize their phones with Android apps, and that multi-notification is quiet neat. So yes, as my post title reveal,  the replacement I am thinking is an Android phone.

My options include: Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC Droid DNA, or LG Optimus G. If any of you are using these handsets, I would love to hear your reviews. Thank you very much in advance!


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7 Responses to Android Beckons: Time To Switch Phones

  1. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and this phablet is the bomb! I can blog using this baby, watch my Kdramas, take spiffy photos… I can go on and on because my praises for this Android smartphone is endless!

    If you can’t stand its size, then the S3 would be a better choice. The 4.1.2 firmware update has started rolling out for S3 users, and once you’ve updated your S3, it can now hold a candle against its sister, the Note 2. 🙂

  2. Debarpan says:

    Samsung Galaxy S3 is best.

  3. It is about time for me to switch phone already. All I can say is that I bet Samsung Galaxy S3 will work for me 🙂

  4. jane says:

    my husband also swtich to samsung last month haha and the only samsung on our house versus all apple products! goodluck1 xx

  5. Franc Ramon says:

    All my devices are apple since I only want to maintain a single database but I Samsung has been coming in strong lately with their phones and devices.

  6. ritwick says:

    I use a galaxy s2 and i feel android is the best mobile platform yet. Even ios and windows cannot beat it. Now with the HTC ONE and the galaxy s4 which is launching tomorrow you should consider these instead of your option you’ve mentioned.

  7. souvik ghosh says:

    I am using the new HTC butterfly and I feel this is the best android I ever used..

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