Bath & Body Works Haul

The semi-annual sale went for about three weeks but like your next door neighbor frugal Mom, I didn’t shop until the last three days when prices dropped to final reductions. Also, I was only buying now for personal use because families back home have specific request but none on body moisturizers.

I visited the store twice hoping that there will be more sale items available but choices were really limited. On the other hand, that was fine so I could only stock up for use until the next semi-annual sale which happens in December.

I bought body creams, bubble baths, shower gel, and scented candles. All which I have never tried yet – except for the Warm Vanilla Sugar. I was not able to buy hand wash because I still found it too pricey despite the discount. They used to sell them for $2 but now a foam hand wash will set you back $4 and that is after further reductions already. Little C will have to go back to Lux then haha.

We love body butter for massage but none were on sale so I hauled these tubes of body creams each for $3.

Our his & hers shower gel. Well not exactly but this is the first time I got Hubby anything from Bath & Body Works. His verdict, I cannot tell yet for his Givenchy tube is not yet finished so you won’t get to try him anything else yet lol! Yes, he is my exact opposite. I will be showering with the Berry Flirt Today and after two days, I am back to Ex Voto Ginger.

 And then a gift pack of Secret Wonderland. I always try to stash something special in case we receive unexpected visitors and we’d like to show a little more appreciation before they leave the house.

The Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale is also a good chance to buy products that are discontinued for a time. I always hear good reviews about Twilight Woods it will be my first time to try. Along with Warm Vanilla Sugar, and the Paris Amour, they   will see through fall season.

I would have bought more candles if there were other scents available on Further Reductions. I was particularly looking forward to re-stocking on Midnight Pomegranate but only the Cashmere and Lily Pond were offered. I lighted the latter a fortnight ago and the house was envelope in blooming lily scents! It was just gorgeous!

While some may be over with B&B, one cannot deny their every-six-months sale is always worth a visit. What are your favorite Bath & Body Works products? Have you tried their candles too? Share us your favourite scents!





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7 Responses to Bath & Body Works Haul

  1. that’s a lot of skincare haul! it is indeed good to stockup on products during a sale

  2. Good job with saving money! I need to do the same thing you did!

  3. cindy b says:

    love bath and body works! these products look great! thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Lexie Lane says:

    I’d forgotten about their annual sale! I love when they have them because of all the goodies for sure. I’ve never seen these products but might have to try. Thanks for the review!

  5. Jam says:

    whoah! I love bath and body works products as the scent is really good and earthly. I am using dancing waters body lotion.

  6. I love B&BW semi annual sales. Black Amethyst is one of my all time faves. Also Twilight Woods and Paris Amour are very great scents. I wish there were more at my location.

  7. Looks like we have the same taste, sis! I love Warm Vanilla Sugar, Twilight Woods, and Paris Amour, too! Oh, and I also love Vanilla Bean Noel from their Christmas collection. 🙂

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