Best Apps For Fashion & Shopping

If you’ve got yourself a shiny new iPhone or iPad and want to exploit its considerable charms then for the fashionistas and shopaholics out there the next logical step is to download a selection of apps to help fill your virtual shopping bags.

Picking through the spectrum of niche apps for fashion and shopping without a little guidance can be a time consuming task, I mean, why waste your time searching for these, when you could be using your time more wisely shopping online – so here are some app suggestions to get you started…

Essential apps

The Elle Shopping Guide app is a great place to start as it offers up a tantalising look at the different stores offering the sort of fashions that you’re going to be after. You’ll also get money off discounts and lots of other useful shopping tips and tricks, which makes it one of the must-have apps to get installed fairly early on.

If you’re a keen online shopper then there is of course the likes of Amazon Mobile, which offers up endless shopping opportunities no matter what the time of day or night. Watch with eBay is another app that also delivers a continuous shopping experience using the power of the internet.

But if you want to get back out there in the real word then get yourself Groupon, so that you’ll have access to all the best coupons and money saving vouchers that you can carry. Similarly impressive is the Yowsa!! Mobile Coupons app that delivers another steady stream of cost-cutting options for the diligent shopper.

Narrow it down

Getting hold of the right fashions and accessories is often about the timing so that’s where the benefit of an app like ShopStyle comes into play. It’s just like a handy assistant that allows you to search for items and pinpoint those hard to find things that might otherwise be absent on the more traditional search engines such as Google.

Stylebook is quite a good app if you’ve got a rather large wardrobe and often lose track of what you’ve got and how often you wear the items hidden inside that closet of yours. This handy little garment assistant can help you piece together a whole calendar to keep track of what you’ve got and how may times you’ve worn it, just so that you don’t run into any embarrassing scenarios by being seen in the same item more than once.

Meanwhile, if you’re at your wits end as regards the world of fashion and the way you are perceived by family, friends and work colleagues then it may be time to ask a stylist. What better way to get started then than by calling upon the Ask A Stylist app, which allows you to get real time advice from the people who know. It may be good news, it may be bad, but at least you’ll be getting the opinion of an expert!

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