Bingo Hall Chic

Everyone knows the hottest part of bingo, besides the lucky number cards and the draw balls, is the bingo hall fashion. Many of today’s trendiest looks have been popular for years with the hip-to-it bingo crowd. Fashion magazines and blogs have dubbed this new style craze “granny chic,” and this oldie-but-goodie look is a big hit with urban hipsters and young fashionistas. Bingo hall ideas aren’t just spilling over into the fashion scene, the current biggest thing in internet games and activities involves playing online bingo! Check out the trends in both clothing trends and in internet gaming inspired by the wonderful world of bingo!

Great granny-chic outfits are all about the fabrics. Try to find sets that are polyester and tweed dominant. Throw in a little lace for a fun yet still vintage look. Skirts and blouses with patterns popular in the ’60s and ’70s will really bring out the hip side of this look. Bubbles and geometric shape prints were huge back then, which makes them all the rage now as well.

No bingo outing would be complete without sequined and rhinestone-studded cardigans or printed sweaters. Think about that old sweater or sweatshirt your grandma used to wear, the one with the picture of the two kittens playing with a ball yarn across the front. Now you have the right idea of where this ultra-hip, granny-geek-chic fashion is going. Don’t worry about maxing out in the frump department; you can always use these pieces to dress up a pair of skinny jeans or a cute skirt.

Bingo halls may have been where it all started, but the game has taken on a modern twist. Online bingo is truly the hottest thing in bingo gaming right now. Internet sites pioneered bingo games online in the late 1990s, and since then, its popularity has soared to amazing heights. People love playing from the comfort of their own homes, and many enjoy the convenient automated features of online bingo. This internet form of the game is now the dominant in the bingo market.

Even though the world a bingo has evolved to embrace online bingo, we don’t have to give up on all the great fashions the bingo hall of the past gave us. Keep the spirit of bingo alive in your look with plenty of wonderful vintage accessories. Have fun finding those glittery, gaudy pins and brooches that grandma always wore. The bigger the better, and if you find one with baby animals on it, you score double points! Mix and match vintage jewellery items for an interesting look. If you really want to nail the fashion invest in some scarves to wear over your hair and a sleek pair of cats-eye glasses. Other great bingo hall chic accessories include old-lady-handbags and “sensible” flats or strappy shoes.

Even men can get in on the bingo-crowd-inspired fashion. Guys look great wearing bracers, and they will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. Tweed jackets are trendy right now, especially the styles that feature elbow patches, plus you cannot argue with their practicality and durability. To truly embrace your inner old man, add a great hat to your wardrobe; newsboy caps and fedoras give every guy an added sense of charm.

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