Blogging From Armani Hotel

I am totally floored. We checked-in yesterday on our first ever stay at a fashion designer hotel.

I am writing this at an Armani suite on the 39th floor of the world’s tallest tower. When Boris, the Lifestyle Manager  assigned to us inquired the purpose of our stay, I  shyly mentioned this is a very late anniversary gift for my dearest Husband. Boris, then volunteered should we wish to do anything extra special to celebrate, he can get us in touch with an event coordinator . He also informed us that a Bentley will be at our disposal. My jaw dropped to the floor.

I am seated at the working area which has magnificent view of the city. The boys are behind me on the living room watching re-runs of the Olympic swimming competition. I thought I’d sneak to post and say hello to you all my dear readers. I will be featuring more of these fashion designer hotels so do watch out. Yes, the ‘It-bag’ no longer matters. It’s where you stay that speaks out loud now in the fashion world.

Today also marks the end of Ramadan, hence to all our Muslim brothers and sisters, Eid Mubarak from our family.

Until next post!

Mixing high-street and designer brands. I am wearing houndstooth dress by H&M, footwear by New Look, pearl drop earrings from flea market, and finished with black classic quilted handbag Chanel 5293. Backdrop: Giorgio Armani’s genius.

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  1. Pinx says:

    oh wow!!! my jaw would also drop too if I have a Bentley at my disposal, and that’s a very cool (fashionable) way to do blogging!

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