Caring For Your Curly Hair

I visited my favorite salon yesterday to have my nails done. The lady seated beside me asked if I also get my hair cut on the same beauty salon. I confirmed and she sighed in envy.

Puzzled, I asked where she gets her hair done. It was naturally curly and she had it in one sleek French braid. She replied complaining how hard it is to find a good  hairdresser or a salon at least offering quality curly hair products. She was in luck to open up a conversation with me. Though  I am born with straight hair, most of my friends have naturally curly hair. I referred her to Devechan Salon which specializes in curly hair. Their hairstylist are so good I often covet my friends’ ringlets.

Soon I learned, my new friend is called B and she urged me more to share some of  my friends hair care secrets. Well, i love a woman who celebrates her curls so without further ado, here are some pointers on how to care for your curls.

1. Accept your curls. Celebrate them. Tell yourself everyday they are beautiful, sexy, and sassy. Only you can move on to take better care of them.

2. Invest in a satin pillow case. This will help protest your curls while getting your beauty sleep.

3. Find a hairdresser who knows how to cut curls. Check out salon that offers specialize service for curl hair. Avail of the free consultation. Ask question such as: What do you think the best hair cut would be for my hair and why? How long have you been working with clients that have curls? What are your recommendations for caring for my curls?

4.Avoid washing your hair everyday. Only do so when necessary and always use shampoo and conditioner made for curly hair.

5. Using wide tooth comb or brush with natural bristles, only comb your hair while it is wet. This is to avoid breakage and stress. Let it dry naturally as often as possible. If you must use hair dryer, apply heat defense before blasting warm air. Finish it off with hair oil or hair serum.

6. Go for deep conditioning once a week. If you can’t visit a salon, make your own hair masque or use olive oil.

7. Keep your hands off your hair. Resist the urge to fluff your curls or it will just cause massive frizzing.

*This is a sponsored post for Devachan Salon and Spa, however, all the points and views are my own.

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