Chic And Easy Spring Home Makeover

Most of us by now are done if not almost through with spring cleaning. Like the way we update our fashion for new season, our home also needs to blossom on spring.

I will share with you today some easy steps you can follow for a chic, spring home make-over.

1. Say goodbye to anything with animal print and beige, safe colors. You can bring them in again in autumn. Spring means new life. Bring something fresh and green and orange and flowery to your walls and bedlinens. Perhaps some wall paper or in the form of thin breezy curtains.

2. If you are to splurge on one furniture for your spring home makeover, choose a quality sofa. Laura Ashley has some new striking fabric sofa that can be well a focal point in your living room. And you have a pair of lamp, split them up on each end of the sofa.

3. Use a real rug in all your bathrooms. Get those with interesting flower or tropical themes. Reorganize your bookshelf. Remove dogeared books or give it a jacket.

4. Bring in new frames and paintings of landscape and courtyard. Buy those potted herbs for your kitchen island. Kitchen maybe hard to redo but focus on the accents such as potted plants and candles with scents of spring.

5. Spring is also a time for creativity. Bring out the inner artist in you. Create container gardens and paint them in colors of light blue, light pink, and light green. Those old milk cans will also serve this well. Arrange them on your front yard to liven up the surroundings.

When your spring home makeover is done, you are now ready to show your abode. Host an afternoon tea party and ask your guests bring different colors of potted, flowering plants. This way, your garden is not only in bloom, but your friendships as well making spring even more beautiful.

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4 Responses to Chic And Easy Spring Home Makeover

  1. Babyposh says:

    I love the color of that sofa. I am also thinking of renovating our room.

  2. I’m kind of useless with house stuff but these tips make it seem so easy. 🙂

  3. Sumi says:

    I don’t think I’ll be doing some spring cleaning and makeover in my room, but when I get to have my own house, I know I will be decorating and pimping every corner! 😀

  4. Lhyzie says:

    i like the sofa. 🙂
    i really love to clean or make over our house 🙂

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