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Tired of the cookie-cutter holiday packages? Then you know must know more about the latest in lifestyle travel. Endgame Adventures, a Fort Lauderdale-based company founded by Robert Biasotti, is an all-inclusive adventurous program including teenage camps to college student and adult excursions, offers customizable experiences to fit one’s interest and for individuals seeking a quest for personal transformation.

Founded in 2008, Endgame Adventures features four programs and a full-season summer expedition based on health and wellness, academics, service and surf and performance fitness.Camp programs offer natural experiences and personal growth to restore mind, body and soul.

All adventures are stationed in Costa Rica and as Biasotti explains, “Costa Rica is a location that gives our participants that visceral awe of being. It was a natural choice, as it is in close proximity to the United States and offers a wealth of welcoming ecotourism, varied landscapes that provide infinite adventures and boasts beautiful natives, plants and wildlife.” Amenities include healthy meal plans, full access to beachfront surfspots, 24-hour chaperones and hosts, local guides and hosts for itinerary orientation, wellness training, immersion in the Spanish language, two 60-minute daily sessions of essay writing, revisions and editing, photographic opportunities, cultural immersion and exchange and exploring indigenous communities.

Each adventure camp is held in one, two, three and four-week intervals and feature a plethora of activities coupled with new experiences of raw nature. Held in singular or group formats, guests can select from four programs: health and wellness, academic, service and surf or performance fitness:

  • Endgame Adventure’s health and wellness camp provides total fitness training on one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches. The format is programmed to make weight-loss feel like an adventure, not agony, by offering a variety of activities to trigger motivation and promote a healthy mindset. Coach Biasotti and his medical and nutritional team spent 9 consecutive weeks in Hermosa Beach developing and perfecting aprogram where individuals seeking an effective, stress-free, weight-loss program are treated to blood screening to implement an effective plan, access to nurses and coaching for healthy habit changes. Physical activities ranging from two 90-minute exercise periods per day, mountain hiking, surfing, boogie boarding and biking to kickboxing and capoeira.
  • The academic adventure camp focuses on college essay and resume-building programs – breaking the mold of dated, pedagogical ideas of sitting in a classroom for endless hours. Endgame Adventures offers a unique opportunity to work one-on-one with students to build a memorable, prominent college essay and resume. The serene yet active atmosphere lends the opportunity for students to reach a deeper, clearer opportunity for self-transformation andenrichment for their future.
  • Surf and service adventure camps allow individuals to partake in Costa Rica’s natural surf and assisting primary school students. From providing 21 hours per week of service in a Costa Rican Sea Turtle hatchery to servicing students to become more responsible, define future goals and build self-confidence, individuals are exposed to the synergy of service and the connection to the environment. Additional activities include daily Spanish and conversational classes and surfing classes.
  • Push beyond your physical limits or reach peak physical conditions with the performance fitness camp. All aspects of performance are designed and led by Coach Biasotti and include strength, power, speed movement training and energy system development. Participants train twice a day and follow a prescribed nutritional program. Additional activities include mountain hiking, waterfall tours, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, boogieboarding, canopy tours, boxing, yoga and Capoeira.

Engame Adventures also provides travel options and adventures including desert hikes in Havasu Falls, Arizona; snow shoeadventures in White Mountains, New Hampshire; surfing inJaco, Hermosa, and Santa Teresa, Costa Rica or Las Salina, Nicaragua and snow boarding in Fernie, British Columbia; bicycling in Death Valley, California.

Weekly fitness camps are also available and offer participants with 10-session weekly fitness experience. Activities range from a fitness trail at a local park to beach bootcamp.

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