Discovering Persil Liquid Detergent: The Modern Way To Laundry

Why oh why did I have to wait the last minute for packing? I was wailing in despair as I tackle mountains of laundry. Three luggage for three people for three weeks abroad. And I am left with three days to do it!  Then add ironing to that….oh I should be lucky not to forget our passports in the frenzy of it all!

Fortunately, a fellow mother convinced me to try Persil liquid detergent. She’s been raving about its convenience since trying it from their time share vacation. For the uninitiated, that is vacation staying in an all inclusive property where you also get too cook your own meal and do your laundry and still get five-star hotel amenities within premises. A vacation with the luxury of what you enjoy being at home.  So on my last grocery trip and in my desperate attempt to hasten packing, I picked up the liquid detergent brand she suggested.

I used Persil Black for all our dark color clothes including jeans, Persil White for my pastel dresses and the boys’ socks and finally Persil Gel for what was left in our wash basket including a pair of sneakers.

The result, I found our clothing easier to iron and smells terrific too! There were no color transfers – a dreaded predicament especially when you are almost running out of time. And some of our delicate wears like lace lingerie and white chiffon dress survived unscathed being turned in the laundry. But best thing of it all I found NO undiluted soap particles which I really hate because it means I have to reload them again argh! It wasn’t long before I filled all three suitcases with fresh and pressed new clothes.

If you are curious and yet still hesitant to try Persil liquid detergent see if some facts below might put your doubts to rest:

1. Persil comes from the prestigious German brand Henkel which specializes in laundry, home care, and beauty care.

2. Introduced in 1907, Persil is notable because it was the first commercially available “self-activated” laundry detergent. They added bleaching agent to their base washing agent to save people time in having their laundry bleached under the sun.

3. In 2000 Persil successfully entered the GCC market. In 2007 they introduced liquid detergent revolutionizing the way we do laundry nowadays.

For more information, visit Persil Faceboook Page.


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3 Responses to Discovering Persil Liquid Detergent: The Modern Way To Laundry

  1. Vanina says:

    Thank you for the article

    I will definately try Persil and Dac as well , I heard that Henkel’s products are good

  2. Katerina says:

    Hello Vanina, actually I did try it and I really enjoy the results , I highly recommanded it 🙂

  3. Sofia says:

    Nice article, I like the product

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