Easy Travel With The Right Baby Carrier

Holidays with your baby can be one of the most special moments in a family life. I smile with utmost happiness every time I glance at the framed photo of my son licking a gelato. He was barely two years old but for nine days, we hopped from plane to train to vaporetto and visited four cities of Italy back in 2010.

It might have been too much travel for a two-year-old to endure but thanks to trusted baby carrier, we made it all through and vowed to travel again to France the following year.

Yes, it is possible to enjoy and have the ultimate family good time even when you have  a young child. Particularly when you have a baby carrier. Strollers are okay but are limiting most of the time. When you have a stroller with you – even the lightest umbrella type, you tend to avoid narrow streets (which most of the time could be a shortcut in European cities), you avoid using the stairs, and you always have to use and wait for the elevator. Sometimes, it can even be hard to find the right restaurant when you have a huge stroller to park beside your would-be table. In any case, most babies hate strollers for they would always long for Mommy’s hug.

However, if you have a baby carrier, you can enjoy walking around comfortably. Your baby would be delighted to be physically close to you at an all too-foreign land. You can even find it easy to walk down the pier and take a boat cruise by the River Seine.

One brand I particularly recommend is Deuter baby carrier as it has plenty of safety features without compromising the baby’s comfort even when they fall asleep. Take a look at this model:

Deuter Kid Comfort III

It is concave in shape and ultra-comfortable, sit perfectly, follow every movement with ease and distribute the weight evenly to the hips. And because they allow maximum freedom of movement, they help save energy. Moreover, it has reflective loops for safety lights, rear-view mirror, and compartments for hydration systems.

You might also want to try traditional baby carriers like Mei tai, Onbuhimo, Ring Slings, and Hmong. These carriers may not have many exciting features but current studies show that aside from being functional, they also have symbolic and contextual meanings which represent cultural value.


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  1. great review on this baby carrier 🙂

  2. Yanna says:

    Wow. That’s one savvy carrier. I had to rub my eyes and make sure it wasn’t some robotic thingy. 😀 But it looks really cool! 🙂

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