Egypt Diving Holiday

Somebody in the house is doing the footy jig in excitement. ((^_^)).

While I dream to shop and visit all the fashionable cities in the world, Hubby’s ultimate wish is to explore the glorious  scuba diving spots around the world. He is a few months closer to that dream because his scuba diving club gathered over the weekend. They are planning a diving holiday to Egypt come summer 2012. Hubby missed their trip to Thailand last year due to work commitments but right now, I can tell there’s no stopping him. He’s been talking nonstop about Dahab, Sharm el Sheikh, Blue Hole, and Tahab.

So before I go and help him check if his scuba diving gear are all complete, I would like to share with you some reasons why visiting Egypt is a must on your dive log.

From the Red Sea Gallery

1.Egypt is well known for their excellent visibility underwater and abundant fish and animal life. In some areas, National Marine Parks have been declared.

2. There is diverse variety of underwater plant which makes underwater landscape an exquisite sight.

3. There is something to suit everyone’s budget. Research online for cheap holidays to Egypt and you are bound to see  inexpensive to more costly and luxurious.

4. For non-divers who wish to tag along like us family members, there are many other attractions and activities. There are water activities such as snorkeling, wind and kite-surfing, as well as excursions to the historical City of Cairo, the world famous pyramids, and Luxor. You can also opt to take a trip to the desert in a jeep or ride a camel.

5. If you decide to start your diving classes, Egypt offers a large selection of dive schools.


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