Egypt Tour & Things To Do

About two days ago, I received a postcard from Egypt. Our family friend J, is currently on a Red Sea tour via a luxury cruise ship. I am glad that despite her busy travel schedule she kept her word to send me a postcard from one of my dream destinations.

They spent three days in Sharm El Sheik before going to Aqaba in Jordan. J says Egypt is magnificent and a must for every seasoned traveler. She  vows to return and explore more. Oh I am soo tempted to join her trip next time. It’ll be a fabulous girl bonding!

Egypt holidays prove to be irresistible through the years. It is innate in us people to want to know more about our past history and be acquainted with the facts about civilizations that thrived ahead of us. It makes us more appreciative of what we have now and of who we are.

If you are planning to go on Egypt tour, here are some of the best things you can do aside from taking photos of the Great Pyramids.

1. Learn a few Arabic words before you go. It is always nice to speak the language of the country you are visiting.

2. Dive or snorkel in the Red Sea.

3. Dinner cruise by the River Nile.

4. Smoke a shisha by the local coffee shops. Also try the Bedouin tea.

5. Visit Luxor temple at night, Luxor Museum, and Egyptian market

6. Find a good show of belly dancing.

7. Walk in the City of Dead in Cairo.

8. Quad biking.

9. Sample exquisite Arabic desserts.

10. Ride a camel or a donkey and hold on tight =)

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4 Responses to Egypt Tour & Things To Do

  1. oh yeah…i have always wanted to go to egypt. i have a lot of books about the place. i am so drawn by the past.

  2. Jade says:

    This is one of my dream destinations too!

  3. tatess says:

    It’s good place to visit .Hubby was stationed there for 2 months and I was so envious with all his stories and photos .He bought me a nice pair of earrings and souvenirs thou and that makes me happy.

  4. Kaye T. says:

    Those are the things I will surely do if time comes that I get to visit Egypt…I don’t know if you guys believe in Aliens..but just recently my hubby and I were watching National Geographic and the show was about Ancient Aliens in Egypt. We were astonished yet skeptical..pero parang true! hehehe! We wanna check it our ourselves. So Egypt will definitely go to our travel list. Thanks for sharing.

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