Eid Escape: Tenerife

Tenerife is the most populous among the Canary Islands under Spain.  With five million tourists every year and two airports, why not take your share of the excitement and fun any time of the year that can make your holidays to Tenerife unforgettable.

Explore Tenerife’s tantalizing scenery

Since it has warm climate even in winter months it is less likely that your activity will be ruined by rain. Water sports and swimming is perfectly warm even during the nights. The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the Carnival Capital of the World in May 2000 having different themes each year since 1987.

The wildlife parks offer a lot of nature to awe with vibrant colors to behold, the whole family is sure to enjoy like the Loro Parque where animals of the land, water and air will eat up your days with fun and excitement. Make sure you have extra batteries for your digital camera!

The night life in Tenerife is also rich. With kids, you can sure enjoy Showtime Tenerife which rolls all faved musicals into one. Of course, no trip is complete without souvenirs and you can buy most of them in Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz resorts. To whet your appetite, fish and seafood are abundant because of geographical location. Cheese, potatoes and wines are also plentiful that can appeal to different palates.

Tenerife has been described by tourists as tantalizing, terrific, and a very rewarding place. Why not find it out for yourself this Eid holiday?

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