Eid Escape: Tropical Haven Mauritius

You want to do something different for you annual long Eid Holiday? How about a luxury escape to the Indian Ocean? We favor beach holidays like this because we are a family of extremely enjoys water sports. Included in one of our dream destinations is to visit at least one of the famous islands on the Indian Ocean. Our excitement is heightened now that Etihad Airways has opened direct flights to these islands. So from today (and the suceeding posts), I will be exploring the three famous tourist destinations: Mauritius, Maldives, and Seychelles. This way I get to compare which is most suitable to our family. I shall start with Mauritius.

Mauritius holidays have always been popular because it’s  tropical fantasy come true. Whether you are honeymooners, a solo adventure thrill-seeker, or a family trying to break the hustle and bustle of city life, Mauritius offers something exclusive for every visitor. From its white endless beaches, cuisine, water sports, and natural history, the luxury island is a perfect destination all year round.

I share with you some 5 reasons why you must visit Mauritius:

1. If you are used to the multi-cultural life in Dubai, the tropical island of Mauritius is a fusion of culture as well. It has been hailed as a model of diversity and tolerance. Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam all influence the religious activity in the island. Spiritual rejuvenation, yoga,  and a walk on the Spiritual Park is popular among tourists.

2. It offers among the best snorkeling and dive sites in the world. This will please Hubby who is a keen scuba diver. Younger ones can enjoy watching or swimming with dolphins. If you are into fishing, the island hosts the Marlin World Cup. Hence, it  is one of the top offshore sport fishing destinations on earth. The waters of Mauritius have records for several varieties of sharks and tuna.

3. Get close to nature.Mauritius has nearly a dozen important nature reserves and botanical gardens to explore. Some are even set amidst tropical mountains and waterfalls. You can explore these via Jeep Safari Trips or Safari Quad Biking Trips.

4. Be one with the animals. Among the popular activity is walk with the lions or cheetahs. If you are not brave enough, you can watch horse racing.

5. Cuisine and culture. You can get the best rum here because they were once entirely devoted to sugar cane. Watch the traditional Creole Dance. And you can get to practice your French as here as it is the language used in formal settings.


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