Elegant Christmas Photo Cards

Do you keep in touch with your travel acquaintances? Maybe someone that you sat beside an airplane, or train , somebody who asked for directions, fellow tourists you meet enjoying a day in the park?

We do. Maybe not the super friendly lengthy letter but we do send them e-cards and postcards. Over the years, we have exchange birthday and Christmas greetings from people in Ireland, South Africa, Portugal, and of course the United States. It is a wonderful feeling to receive such thoughtful notes as it brings back memories of our journey.

Now that autumn season has arrived, I am looking for new sites where I can send lovely, unique greeting cards. I prefer one where I can upload a photo of our family as it adds a personal touch. I found a few sites but quiet expensive until I saw invitationbox.com. Their digital cards are stylish and elegant! Moreover, while some sites limit me to one photo, invitationbox.com Christmas photo cards allow me to upload for as many as four photos in a card. I think it’s a wonderful idea and makes our family greetings more unique. The single photo becomes generic these days.

If you are looking to send unique Christmas photo cards, do check out the site.





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