Embellished Silver Cut Out Swimsuit

“A girl in a bikini is like having a loaded pistol on your coffee table…there’s nothing wrong with them, but its hard to stop thinking about it.”
~ Garrison Keillor

Blame it on my man for accepting whatever shape I am. I felt very brave last week and bought a silver cutout studded swimsuit from New Look.

What was I thinking?

If you wish to buy summer clothes and swimsuit, buy them now for they are sold in a steal price. I spent $12 for this, loved it and sashayed on the beach over the weekend. Heaven knows I am out of shape but hey you don’t have to be a supermodel to wear it.

Wearing swimsuit first and foremost requires NOT a whistle bait figure but confidence. You have to to trust yourself you can carry it with attitude. Practice walking around your house wearing bathing bikini if you must. They should be most comfortable like second skin. There’s nothing more embarrassing to look at than a self conscious woman trying to hide her stomach, cellulite, or keeps on fidgeting her bikini strings. Wear it and then ignore it. Walk like you’ve been partying in Ibizia on a swimsuit all your life.

Of course, you won’t be confident in it if it does not fit. So buying  a swimsuit requires a lot of patience. Don’t ever buy them at the last minute. Fit them, turn around, examine all areas of your worry. Try on different styles and decide which to highlight – your chest and upper body or your endless legs.

But do remember, your choice of bikini shows a lot about your personality.

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