Ever Heard of Auto Title Loan?

As I shared to you my dear readers, I am in the process of packing and planning for our autumn holiday. We will be needing as much cash as we can so I felt very sad that I cannot lend money to a dear friend in need. Her salary has been delayed for three months – a common occurrence nowadays with fragile economy. Fortunately, G understands our current situation. But as a good girlfriend, I still want to help her especially when her landlord warned her about delayed payments. I asked around and even researched online how she can avail of a short term loan.

While online, I read about auto title loan. It’s a short term loan secured against your vehicle. If your vehicle has a wholesale value of $2500.00, you are eligible. There are no credit check requirements in car title loans Pennsylvania  but one must have the basics: proof of insurance, vehicle registration, and social security card.

Last week, G was ecstatic to inform me that she was able to avail a $1000 short term loan with TurboTitleLoan.com. She says they were very accommodating and her online application was processed quickly. She was able to pay the rent for her apartment.

I feel so much better now because my friend has secured a roof over her head while we will be away on vacation.


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