Everything You Need To Know About BB Creams

With so many products on the market, many women get confused when they see BB Creams – are they creams, foundations or treatments? Nilo Haq, Nilo Haq, Make-up Artist & Brand Ambassador for Pond’s Arabia shares us what we need to know.

BB Cream stands for blemish balm or beauty balm. It’s a quick all-in-one base for the face, which brings together a moisturizer, foundation and sun protection. It’s great to use as an alternative to foundation since many women don’t like to wear heavy foundations during the day. The coverage is natural and is intended to treat the skin for spots, even out the complexion, and as an anti-wrinkle treatment.

How to Use Them: BB Creams can be worn alone similar to a tinted moisturizer or over your regular skincare products as a foundation and can even be worn under powder. It’s a very adaptable product depending on your specific needs.

Fingers: Applying BB Creams using your fingers works best on normal to dry skin. During the day simply apply Pond’s BB+ Cream SPF 30 using your fingers. Fingers are super easy to use and the heat of the skin warms up the product, making it easy and smooth to apply. Dab on equal amounts of the product on the main areas of the face. Beginning blending the product at the center of your face moving it outwards until it disappears into the skin. If you need a little more coverage on problem areas dab on your favorite concealer using your index finger. Apply powder if needed.

Sponge: Applying BB Creams using a sponge works on all skin types but particularly
well on oily complexions and using your fingers will add more oil to the skin. It’s best
to dampen your sponge with water; this will help to move the product evenly over the
face. Apply Pond’s BB+ Cream on the back of your hand and dab on the BB Cream using
the sponge on the main areas of the face. Blend outwards until the product blends into
the skin.

Brush: For the evening it’s nice to have a little glow on the skin. Try using Pond’s Gold
Radiance Day Cream (which I had the privilege of reviewing here) all over the face to prep the skin and it will add an undeniable sheen under the BB+ Cream. Then apply Pond’s BB+ Cream using a foundation brush and pat it on all over the face to create more coverage suitable for the evening. Apply powder on the t-zone or as needed.

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