Family Things To Do In Ibiza

It’s getting hot, hot, hot and spring break is over! Now that the little ones are back in school, it is time to look for summer destinations. This time around, we are looking to go somewhere grown up. Something like our favorite Friday Beach Rhythm event where adults and toddlers are welcome to be entertained.Β  We parents and other groups of grownups get to treat ourselves with drinks and music under the stars, there’s a DJ spinning, and the dance area complete with blinking lights and glitter ball is sometimes occupied by the kids dancing to disco music.

My 4-year old enjoyed every minute of it, jumping up and down on the sand. At one point, all kids gathered the bean bags and made a huge mountain out of it and they took turn jumping from up high. It was a lovely socials for everyone present.

Hearing this, our travel agent suggested we might want to consider Ibiza. Although this island paradise is legendary for its nightlife, Ibiza is also now paying special attention to family tourism. I checked with Hubby and he agreed for as long as he can drive around. We usually spend our holidays around 7-9 days and we always find it less stressful if we have our private transportation. We can explore at our own pace without being tied to train or bus schedule. I am now doing research on car hire Ibiza and I find it fairly cheap.

Today our travel agent sent us some brochures on family things to do in the Spain island. If you are considering a holiday to Ibiza, these activities might just help you decide. Bear in mind that July to September are the peak season so decide early.

Marina of Santa Eularia in Ibiza

1. You can explore the island by car or by boat. It iss relatively small so you can get around the island in one day.

2. Young children will enjoy the numerous mini-trains you can ride while exploring the country side. An aquarium and water park is also available in the island.

3. An island vacation also means sunsets, gorgeous beaches, and water sports such as diving, parasailing, windsurfing and the good old fashioned banana-boat ride. The island also has water park with numerous exciting slides for an all-day family fun.

4.. Ibiza is also home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as “God’s Finger” in the Benirras Bay and The Egg monument erected in honour of the explorer, colonizer, and navigator Christopher Colombus. There is also the Medieval Castle of Dalt Vila to take the kids.

5. Get a chance to shop at authentic Hippy Market, taste local specialty ensaimada, andΒ  buy healthful herbs and fragrant hand-made soaps.

Our children love Dora. They will sure be delighted to speak the Spanish words they picked up from the popular children’s show. You can check out these family-friendly hotels and resorts such asΒ  El Greco Apartments with their own private water park, Agroturimo Can Gall a restored hip farm house, and San Antonio Bay.

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11 Responses to Family Things To Do In Ibiza

  1. joy says:

    Vamonos! hihi, I love to ride in boats, i love the fresh breeze of the sea water as it is very good to our health too πŸ™‚

  2. chrisair says:

    how I love the breezy air while riding on this boat, such a breathtaking place for vacation and relaxation!

  3. Sumi says:

    Wow, would love to bisit Ibiza if I get the chance.. πŸ˜€ But unfortunately, I’d have to spent my summer in the Metro.. Still with all the traffic and pollution..>.<

  4. naexcited naman ako dito.. esp sa unesco World Heritage Sites nila.. i love history pa naman…. amp.. sana makapunta ako dito..

  5. Lizzie says:

    The sound of Hippy Market is really intriguing. Ideal for travelers who love to shop. And it would be fun to taste some local delicacies!

  6. Lhyzie says:

    I wanna go here someday πŸ™‚

  7. imriz says:

    the mediterranean locks in so many beautiful islands that attracts tourist from all over the globe. what strikes me about ibiza is its NAME, because as i was searching for a second name for the then planned second daughter, IBIZA came up as the perfect choice, for we needed something that sounds european (arte much^_^).

  8. Someday i wish to visit this place too

  9. Herbert says:

    Ibiza is one good place to visit during summer, Ive read a lot of good stories from this place πŸ˜€

  10. Mirage says:

    Ibiza is one place to go to…the deals around are tempting…I would really save up and visit this place πŸ˜€

  11. Shengkay says: dahil sa UNESCO na yan..gusto ko na rin mapunta jan..

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