Fantasy Ocean by H&M

The nature trip we had over the weekend inspired me to go ‘green’ for my nail polish this week. Once again, this is by H&M and called “Fantasy Ocean.” I bought it on sale for less than a dollar because it was part of last year’s summer collection.

Fantasy Ocean is a shimmery aqua marine nail varnish that comes in square bottle with an equally square golden cap. For the first time, I found an H&M nail polish that can cover completely in one coat. The bulky cap as well makes for an easy grip and easy application.

It is so refreshingly glam I bet this is what mermaids wear underneath the ocean. Don’t you think so?


I am so lovin’ it! I see myself wearing this nail lacquer again for summer beach holiday.

How about you? What’s the nail polish for the week? What are you favorite color for summer?


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4 Responses to Fantasy Ocean by H&M

  1. chrisair says:

    wow so cool I can’t believe it was only lee than a dollar, is it still available

  2. jane says:

    i am lovin all your finds at H&M! shud visit their one time! xx

  3. Shnappy says:

    where did you buy the nail polish? i’d love to see other shades of blue ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Kaye T. says:

    I love that too! I bought one a while back and I still enjoy wearing it…ang cute no? I can’t believe you got it for less than a dollar! Luckyyy! I should remind myself to go shop during sale season para makarami. lol! Btw, I’m wearing Sparkle and Shine Baby nail polish by H&M at the moment. ๐Ÿ™‚

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