Far and Away – Explore the Stunning Sri Lanka!

If you are searching for a destination for a week-long holiday, then take a tour to Sri Lanka. Situated in Southern Asia, this tiny country has a lot to offer for the tourists. To explore the country, pay a visit to the following places:

Adam’s Peak

This is an ancient pilgrimage site in Sri Lanka. It is said to bear the impression of Buddha’s footprint. This sacred place also offers splendid views from the top.


Set around a beautiful man-made lake, Kandy is a historic city in Sri Lanka. It has many attractions for travellers. The renowned Temple of the Tooth is present here. This temple has a sacred relic that is worshipped. The city widely showcases Sinhalese culture. The renowned Esala Perahara festival displays a grandeur that is not seen elsewhere in Asia. It consists of magnificent processions with charming, decked-up elephants, drums, dancers and acrobats. Botanical gardens and museums are some of the other attractions of Kandy.


The richness of Sri Lanka in Buddhist art is portrayed through the five amazing cave temples present here. The caves have many artistic statues, shrines and murals.


The capital city, Colombo is a hub for shopaholics and food lovers. Easy transport, cafes, restaurants and retail markets are present in abundance to make your Sri Lanka holidays splendid.


Nuwara-Eliya is the most charming town in the country’s hilly region. This tiny hill station is situated at a height of 1990 metres. It is known for its tea garden and tea factory. The Englishmen are said to have developed the tree plantation here. This hill station is also home to one of the best golf courses and a botanical garden.

Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage

You may have visited an orphanage where little kids stay. But have you ever heard of an orphanage for elephants? Sri Lanka has a large orphanage where abandoned elephants are looked after. Around 60 elephants are fed here. The sight of bathing elephants is pleasurable.

Yala National Park

Sri Lanka is rich in wildlife. It is no surprise that it has one of the largest national parks. You can see monkeys, crocodiles, varied birds and elephants here. Yala National Park also houses the largest number of leopards in the country.

Dondra Point

Thousands of tourists come to watch whales and dolphins at the Dondra Point. The sight of the huge blue whale, the sperm whale and spinner dolphins can be enjoyed from this point. You may also relax at the many beaches surrounding this point.

The historic country of Sri Lanka is known not only for its wildlife but also for the innumerable temples situated here. Each of its sites is of great significance. You may avail of Sri Lanka tour package and explore the ravishing country well.

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