Fashion Apps: A Trendsetter’s 7 Must-Haves

Do you devour every fashion magazine that arrives in the mail? Do you find yourself daydreaming about shopping and finding that perfect outfit? With the top fashion apps, you can find out more about fashion and share your love with others.


Some brands – Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, etc. – are iconic and a must-have for most shoe lovers. This interactive map lets you see which countries and cities created different shoe trends and the history behind some of the top brands and designs.


Once you create an account with Pose, you can start sharing your favourite looks in seconds. Take a picture, add any tags that you want and upload the image using the app. You’ll get instant feedback from other users, and you can browse through recent and past apps to gain some inspiration.

The Hunt

With The Hunt, you’ll never again find yourself scouring the web to track down a new look. You can upload an image that you took, or you can share an image you found on Instagram or another social networking site. The image then goes out to thousands of other users, and they can let you know the designer behind that look and how much it costs.

Chic Feed

Professional designs and stylists turn to the streets for inspiration, and with Chic Feed, you can too. This app lets you see how other women rocked on the streets around the world, and you can share images that you captured as well.

Gilt Groupe

Gilt Groupe keeps you informed of upcoming sales at your favourite sites and from your favourite designers. This app will let you know of any sales taking place on the hottest merchandise, and it has a special feature that lets you get a closer look at each item before you buy.


Poshmark lets you search for items for sale in your area and make some sales of your own. You can post images of clothing and accessories that you no longer want or need, and you can make sales to other users. Browse various categories to find new pieces for your own wardrobe too.


Cloth takes your wardrobe and puts it at your fingertips. You can take photos of all your clothing, shoes and accessories and store those images in this app. It even lets you organise your images in any way you want to ensure that you never forget about that perfect dress in the back of your closet. Cloth and other apps will help you stay on top of the fashion world.

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