Female Solo Travel: Keeping Safe and Well

House smells of baklava! V is back from Istanbul and my morning was spent listening to her solo adventures. It was a break-up getaway and I’m glad to see her pull back to life again.I admit I was worried at first that I thought of asking here to discreetly bring along a stun gun just so she can protect herself in any predicament.

But V assured us she can handle herself well – relying on the goodness of other female travelers. Indeed she found the world much more friendlier after her travel. If you are thinking of going solo next vacation, these tips might help you.

A cheerful, solo female traveler waved back at us while cruising Chao Phraya River in Thailand.

1. Buy a guide book specifically fro the single traveler. This way you get to learn where are the accommodations, hang outs and restaurants more apt for your current travel satus. I assume you would not want to check-in on a honeymoon geared hotel.

2. Avoid unwanted attention. Don’t look like a tourist with map dangling in your hand and jewelries on display. Avoid camera bags too with emblazoned brand. Cover up if you must or dress modestly.

3. Stash cash in your bra and socks for emergency.

4. Pack first-aid kit and make sure you have all the vaccines you need.

5. Wine and dine yourself. consider sitting on the counter and watch your food prepared.

Keep emergency contacts handy and don’t forget to call home to tell them where you are.

Have you traveled solo? Do share us how you managed successfully.

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