Five Exciting Destinations To Move To in 2013

The dismal economy has gotten many people thinking about moving to another country or region. Fortunately for those people, there are lots of exciting destinations around the world that offer good living conditions and booming economies.

Some of the world’s most exciting destinations to migrate to in 2013 include:

  1. Alberta, Canada

The Canadian province of Alberta is in the midst of a population boom, fuelled by a hot job market. Alberta is growing because its tar sands contain one of the world’s largest oil reserves. Turning the tar sands into oil requires a lot of labour, and therefore the projects create thousands of high-paying jobs. In addition to a hot job market, Alberta boasts the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

  1. Nicaragua

This Central American nation has become one of the world’s hottest destinations for retirees. Nicaragua has beautiful beaches and is one of the cheapest places to live in Central America; anyone who has an income of more than £374 pounds a month can afford move there. Real estate in Nicaragua is cheap and immigrants can participate in the national healthcare system.

  1. Australia

Australia’s resource-driven economy has been booming, largely because of China’s almost insatiable demand for resources. Australia is a modern English-speaking social democracy. Even though the resource boom may be over, Australia’s is still in better economic shape than most of the Western World.

  1. Florida, USA

The American state of Florida has long been a popular retirement destination because of its warm climate. In recent years, housing in Florida has become extremely cheap because of the American subprime mortgage crisis.

  1. Nevada, USA

Las Vegas was hit hard by the mortgage crisis, so real estate and housing prices are currently very low. Jobs are in short supply, but there is plenty to do, especially in Las Vegas. Many of the casinos offer free or low-cost entertainment and low-cost dining. Like Florida, Nevada has a very warm climate and no state income tax.

So if you are thinking of emigrating to one of these exciting destinations, contact Robinsons – the expert removalists.

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