Four Tips to Stay Calm and Enjoy Your Wedding

Your big day is almost here, and all the plans are done. The wedding dress lace has been carefully applied to the dress. The caterer has been reserved and the food picked out. The guests have all given their RSVPs. Yet, even with everything carefully planned and organized, there will still be stress and confusion on the day of your wedding. With careful preparation ahead of time, however, you can minimize the stress.

Following are four tips to help you stay calm and enjoy your big day:
• Don’t sweat the small stuff.
• Enjoy being with your family and guests.
• Create a schedule padded with extra time.
• Keep an emergency kit nearby.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
It’s all small stuff, really. The most important thing that will take place on your wedding is the union of two people who love each other. Everything else is extra. If things go wrong, and something is bound to go wrong, it pales in comparison to the joy of two people getting married. Let go, relax, ignore the problems, and enjoy your day.

Enjoy Your Family and Guests
As you are letting go of the small stuff, remember that the relationships with your family, friends, and guests are not small stuff. It is the love you share with others that will help make your day beautiful. Treat them with love and kindness, and you will gain wonderful memories that will last for years to come.

Use a Schedule
A schedule that is prepared ahead of time can go a long way to helping you stay calm. Create a copy of the schedule and distribute it to anyone and everyone. Build extra time into the schedule to allow for delays in traffic, greeting friends, and the opportunity to grab a quick bite to eat when you need it.

Keep an Emergency Kit Nearby
Even though you can’t do much about a tardy caterer or flowers that wilt, you can be prepared for the little emergencies that surround you. For example, if your wedding dress lace tears, you can quickly sew it up if you have thread in an emergency kit. An emergency kit should contain items like thread, toothbrush and paste, tampons or pads, deodorant, nylons, hairspray, bobby pins, etc.

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