Gardening Is Trendy

Days are getting cooler and soon we fashionistas will be spending our afternoon tea by the courtyard. But are your lawns ready for your guests perusal? Do you need more greenery, more flowering plants? You always do but buying potted plants is an expensive option. The best way to save up on your gardening is to buy composters.

Spin Bin compost Tumbler

A bin compost tumbler will let you make your own organic fertilizer. Simply add in your grass clippings, leaves and kitchen scraps for an unlimited supply of plant fertilizer. Then you can get your pink rubber gloves and wide brimmed hat and nourish, talk to your plants.

An ultimate fashionista not only cares about clothes and shoes and make-up but she must have one fabulous hobby. And there’s nothing more glamorous than a lady who knows her way around gardening and can grow her own plants and flowers.

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