GIft Guide: Accessories & Jewelry Cabinet

What do you want for Christmas?

I woke up to that question this morning. Hubby was about to leave for work and it is barely two days before Christmas.

Still the same, I replied lazily watching him slip on his leather jacket.

Four-poster bed? And he gave a loud chuckle leaving the front door.

But this morning while arranging my budoir, I think I need a furniture far more urgent than the bed with canopy. It’s been customary to thoroughly clean and tidy the apartment before we usher in the new year and oh boy, my accessories need a proper cabinet this time around. It took me awhile to fix those twisted necklaces and find the other pair of my flower earrings.

Then I remember buying metal storage cabinets earlier this month for Hubby’s tools. Maybe the same furniture shop can help me find a cabinet for accessories and jewelry. It would be so much helpful if upon opening, I can see my stash rather than rummaging through them all in one drawer.

Wish me luck.

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