Gift Guide: Fleur Pearl Jewelry by Paspaley

Afternoon tea with the girls yesterday was naturally all about gift ideas. We sat down at Hummingbird bakery for some whoppie pies and earl grey as we exchanged ideas on how to cross off our Christmas shopping list. From watches, fragrance, DKNY Resort-Pre Spring collection to make-up, gift vouchers, including coaches gift ideas , we tackled it all in one whole morning. This is the last time we will meet for the year as everyone is just too busy with family holidays.

I will share them all with you my dear readers and to start with, how about a brand jewelry collection for the women in your life? Fleur, a spectacular new collection from Paspaley, takes pearl jewellery to a new level of magnificence. The first range created for Paspaley by Schreiner of Munich, Fleur offers an array of stunning necklaces, earring, rings and pendants featuring a dazzling floral design. The flowers have been crafted through the use of long, fine, narrow-cut baguette diamonds, radiating from a stunning gem-quality central pearl. The new collection has made its worldwide debut last month in Dubai, UAE.

From a ravishing necklace on a diamond lariat echoing the floral motif in its tiny, linked mini-fleurs, to breathtaking earrings boasting 12 carats of diamonds, Fleur is a collection destined to create an impact. The sparkling diamond floral motifs interplay with white gold and the luminous beauty of a pearl, and for all their brilliance, present the pearl as the hero of each piece.

The Fleur collection is not only exquisitely beautiful, it is also extraordinary from a design perspective. The ring, one of the central pieces of the collection, features petals built using over 7.5 carats of white, VVS diamonds – 4.74ct of baguette cut and 2.80ct of brilliant cut diamonds – diverging from a luminescent pearl in a feat of sheer, technical brilliance. Every baguette diamond must be cut individually for each design with micron-level precision.

Chris Paspaley, a third generation member of the Paspaley family and head of merchandise for the company, comments : “We have long admired the work of Gerhard Schreiner and it is very exciting to be able to showcase our magnificent pearls in his high wattage diamond design. Fleur is, very simply, spectacular. ”


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  1. Daisy says:

    The designs are worth being spectacular. I liked them.

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