Gift Guide For Men: Gucci Playing Cards

Blogging from V’s backyard. It is so tranquil here I can gather my thoughts to write. She is on the phone negotiating Christmas menu and from what I can hear, she will be keeping that restaurant chef on the line for a good hour. I better make my time useful and type.

Gucci Playing cards retail for $195


V asked me to come over because the yoga supplies at and other online purchases has arrived. The yoga mat is for Little C’s godmother who spoils him to death. Right now too I am staring at another opened package – a dark brown luxurious paper box with embossed Gucci logo. Inside are two sets of playing cards (with shiny Gucci logo of course).

 V bought it for her husband but changed her mind and now thinking to give it to her father. Asking for my opinion, I would rather she gives it to her elder than battle with her husband later on for attention over playing cards, X-box, and other online pc games. Although I admit, the luxury cards really gives a whole new attitude to their cigar lounge. V has not decided because really, what else do you give a gamer and a man who has everything?

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