Givenchy Pi For A Very Special Man

Howdy my dear readers! How was your Christmas? We had  a low-key celebration — and surprisingly, it was  my best ever, most romantic Christmas! ((^_^))

It was a long weekend for us so we took time to rest and savor  the days. On the 23rd, went for a roadtrip along Hatta, Oman. We thought of having lunch at Hatta Fort Hotel but soon we got lost and reached the Oman border lol! We took a u-turn and drove back to Dubai. On the 24th, we took Little C to Zabeel Park then to his paedia for a scheduled vaccine. Naturally, he slept early for the night leaving me and Hubby for some DVD time. It was almost Christmas eve and we were watching Tactical Force and eating a bowl of guinataan I cooked a day earlier hahhaaa. Hubby said: “This is Christmas, no stress. What’s the use of having  a lavish buffet when you will be eating tuyo for the next 364 days?”

Forgive my husband’s radical views LOL! Anyway, low key as it maybe, I splurge on his Christmas present:

Givenchy Pi gift set: 100ml shampoo, 100 ml cologne, 100 ml aftershave balm.

I asked him early last week what he wanted for Christmas and he said after-shave balm. Since he is one person who always gives more than what he can truly offer, I gave him more than what he asked for. Merry Christmas, Honey!!

Hubby is not the one to wear scent but for the past few days, I’m glad he is indulging me and wears the Pi cologne. It’s a seductive masculine scent (without the musky hint or powdery smell) that you can use sparingly and yet smells so inviting!!

So yummy he smells that on Christmas morning, he was treated to a fragrant bubble bath (and romance of course!). Gladly, we had the whole morning to ourselves for Little C went to school. ((^_^))


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  1. daisy says:

    hihi how romantic. 😉 how i wish hubby and i can have a quiet time for ourselves especially on our wedding anniversary that’s happening in 1, 2, 3… hmmm in less than a week!

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