GlamOnYou Amal Project to Support Syrian Refugees

While out on and about yesterday looking for best bluegrass fakebook for Hubby’s anniversary present – our 8th wedding anniversary come April! – I chanced upon a a lovely shop in Al Wasl doing a bit of charity sale. Curiosity piqued, I entered to ask more information about their cause.

Dubai based fashion house GlamOnYou has designed a beautiful collection of playful t-shirts and intricate handmade dolls as part of the Amal project, which endeavors to raise money in support of ‘Breathing Numbers’. An initiative launched by Muna Harib in May 2013, Breathing Numbers aims to give numbers a pulse by telling the individual story of Syrian refugees in the Zaatari Camp. GlamonYou dolls and t-shirts will be sold at different locations around Dubai with all proceeds going towards supporting this incredible initiative; furthermore the project ensures that for every doll purchased another will be gifted to an underprivileged child refugee at the camp, an amazing incentive to encourage everyone to fully show their support for this worthy cause.

Zartaari is the second largest camp in the world with over 180,000 refugees, 40% being children. The appalling conditions make life extremely difficult for the refugees who are lacking the most basic needs such as water, food, warmth and sanitation; the environment is unbearable for all, especially young children who are deprived of the same every day necessities. The agonizing reality is that the children of Zataari have to grow up incredibly quickly, with no roof over their heads, no support and almost no hope of a future.

Since May 2013 the Breathing Numbers Initiative has managed to provide an amazing 250 caravans for accommodation in the camp, addressed hundreds of medical cases in collaboration with many hospitals in Jordan and helped thousands of lives by campaigning to attract donors from surrounding countries and countries from all over the world to support the initiative financially.

GlamOnYou is extremely honored to work with such an initiative and is delighted to cooperate in raising funds and awareness to help these underprivileged children.

An Arabic word meaning Hope; the Amal project aims to offer peace and hope to these hugely disadvantaged children by providing them a safe haven away from the shocking hardships of their day to day life. The project intends to raise AED 54,328/- which will not only buy 4 caravans for the camp but also allow them to be covered in joyful drawings and furnished to create a kids’ corner by filling them with tables, books, colourful toys, pens and games. The caravans will make an enormous difference to the children’s lives, providing them with a place to be happy; a place to enjoy singing, drawing and friendships, an area dedicated only for them, where they can still have a childhood. By offering them somewhere where they can play, dream and be creative, we are giving them a chance for a brighter future.

“Being a mother myself, the Amal project is a cause which is very close to my heart; it’s fundamental for children to be allowed to enjoy growing up in an environment where they can learn, have fun and feel happiness. I wanted to design the option of both dolls and t-shirts to give an appeal for adults and children alike. The pieces are fashionable whilst also being a fun and playful way to raise as much awareness as possible for this amazing cause.” Says Nadine Arton, Designer and Founder of GlamOnYou.

GlamonYou dolls can be purchased for AED 450/- and t -shirts for AED 350/- at the following locations:

GlamOnYou Showroom – Al Wasl Road

Zinzin – Mercato Mall

Accent – Wafi Mall

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