Gondia – Emerging Business Hub in Maharashtra

Sprawling over a massive 5,431 sq km of area, Gondia lies in the eastern Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. It is overseen by the Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh on the northern side and Chandrapur and Gadchiroli districts towards the south. On the western side, Gondia is bounded by the Bhandara District. From central and eastern India, Gondia is the gateway to the state of Maharashtra. In essence, Gondia is a very critical and emerging business centre in Maharashtra. Let’s check out what business travellers to these destination must look out for.


In ancient times, this area was ruled by the Gond kings. During the 17th century, Gondia province was ruled by the Haihaya Rajput kings of Chhattisgarh. This city, thus, has a huge historical background but also embraces modern cultural trends. Earlier, the main occupation of the people here was to amass lak and Gum from Palas and Babul tree respectively. Gum means Gond in Hindi, therefore the name Gondia.

Emerging Businesses

The abundance of rice mills and beedi factories employ thousands of labourers from nearby states, including Chhattisgarh. Owing to the abundance of rice mills in the area, this commercial town is popularly known as Rice City by the locals. Due to the presence of rice mills and several small scale tobacco industries, this city has turned out into a major business hub.

Gondia also became the new focus area for the civil aviation ministry and got a flying and training institute built recently. This project is a joint venture between the Airports Authority of India and Canadian firm CAE. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy is about a 3 hour drive from East of Nagpur and can be easily accessed by train. As far as overall development is concerned, there have been some major industrial investments here recently, including the one by Adani Group. Narendra Modi-led government has cleared a 370-acre forest land for Adani’s thermal power plant project at Tiroda in Gondia. The launch of several agro-based industrial units in this region will, thus, boost the development of Gondia going forward. Owing to all this, Gondia is set to become one of the biggest business and industrial hubs in Maharashtra in the years to come.

Tour to Gondia

Besides art and culture, Gondia is a popular tourist destination with several sightseeing places. You can also find some of the best hotels and restaurants in Gondia. Buzz, at The Gateway Hotel Balaghat Road is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves local delicacies. Amongst the most popular tourist attractions is Navegaon National Park. Once can spot some of the animals including tigers, panthers, jackals and palm civets making it a visual treat for wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers, and backpackers. Another famous wildlife sanctuary is located at Nagzira which is home to 166 species of birds, 36 species of reptiles and 34 species of mammals.

How to Get There

One can reach Gondia via flights, buses or trains. You can catch a flight to Jabalpur Airport, the nearest domestic airport to Gondia. People travelling from abroad can board flights to Nagpur Airport. The best time to visit Gondia is during the winters, between the months of October to February, when the climate is moderate. Whether you visit for business or pleasure, make sure you enjoy your trip with the best of accommodation.

For the business traveller to Gondia, The Gateway Hotel at Balaghat Road is a great option. It is the first branded premium hotel in Gondia offering 5-star facilities in this region of the country. Those looking for meeting venues in Gondia can make their meetings and events a success at the state of the art meeting and conferencing facilities.

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